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TIGRE-ADS USA Inc. is one of the largest companies providing innovative solutions for the construction industry in the United States. It was established in 2014 through a strategic partnership between the multinational companies Tigre and ADS (Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.) to operate more broadly in the North American market.


Both Tigre and ADS have built successful histories on North American soil. Tigre began operations in the United States in 2006 manufacturing PVC fittings for Plumbing, Waterworks and HVAC segments. ADS has been in the market for over 40 years and is the leader in the infrastructure and drainage sector, producing large diameter HDPE corrugated pipes.


This alliance aims to explore the PVC fittings market and other polymer markets by joining together Tigre’s expertise in technology and complete solutions with the logistics and distribution  coverage of ADS.


Tigre-ADS USA currently has 6 warehouses, and an ample team of sales professionals who work to provide quality products and services anywhere in the United States and Canada.


  Janesville, WI      Denver, CO      Americus, GA     Pittsburgh, PA     Albuqurque, NM       Waverly, NY      Dallas, TX               

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