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Tigre USA Operations


This configuration allows Tigre USA to be always in front of its customers, building up solid and long term relationship. The sales structure provides the following benefits to all of our customers:

1)      Dedicated sales professional to each customer. Smaller geography will provide to the regional sales managers more time to dedicate to each sales agency and customer

2)      Immediate assistance when needed;

3)      USA territory 100% Coverage;

4)      Immediate technical support;

5)      Solid customer service;

6)      Transparency, ethical and win-win business relationship.

7)      Proactive on market demands

8)      Full understanding of each region needs in terms of products and services

9)      Improve relationship with the whole chain, creating an environment of trust and confidence


In addition to its sales structure, the existing distribution system allows Tigre USA to distribute its products quickly with high fill rates within 24 hours.


Why Tigre USA is growing

1)      Unique sales force. Sales professional promoting the company and its products;

2)      Consistent and reliable customer service;

3)      Solid distribution system; Great service level.

4)      Production capacity, brand new assets, continuous investments;

5)      Complete portfolio of products for Plumbing, Waterworks and HVAC;

6)      Supported by a gigantic “worldwide presence” in Tigre




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