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Innovation has been part of Tigre USA’s DNA since it's parent company, Tigre, began in 1941. With the pioneering vision of the founder, João Hansen Júnior, Tigre introduced PVC in Brazilian construction, as a substitute for galvanized iron pipes.

As one of the pillars of company development, innovation permeates all environments of the organization. At Tigre USA, the innovation process doesn’t begin only with the emergence of a new idea, but with identification of an opportunity and with definition of what may be offered to the market as the best solution.

Through planning, management and control of product research and development activities, the R&D department guarantees support for international expansion by seeking out market information, technical and standard specifications, as well as development of innovative solutions that seek to serve a greater number of markets, always respecting their particular characteristics.

  Soluciones completas

Tigre USA offers a complete line of PVC fittings in segments pertinent to the market with building, industrial, waterworks, and irrigation solutions.

From water to sewage to HVAC, Tigre USA fittings help reduce the time, risks, and costs of construction.

People’s quality of life depends on the quality of the infrastructure around them. Tigre USA develops innovative and sustainable fittings for Infrastructure, including fittings for water distribution, sewage collection, and rainwater drainage.

Industrial applications bring solutions based on the most modern technologies available in the world for carrying fluids considering specificity, pressure, temperature, and other characteristics.

For all these segments, Tigre USA seeks to develop the most complete line of fittings, which ensures the efficiency, durability, and quality of any installation.

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