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Tigre Pipes and Fittings

TIGRE leads the Brazilian and South American market and is one of the worldwide references in manufacture of PVC pipes and fittings.
Tigre business is drawing inspiration from the needs of those who build and offering innovative and effective solutions in thermoplastic pipes, fittings and accessories, with the commitment of always delivering the highest quality products to the Building, Infrastructure, Irrigation and Industry markets.

Tigre Tubos e Conexões
Joinville (SC) Joinville (SC)
Joinville (SC)

Parque Fabril
Rua dos Bororós, nº 84, Distrito Industrial, CEP 89.239-290
Phone: +55 (47) 3441 5000

Centro Administrativo
Rua Xavantes, nº 54 , Atiradores - Caixa Postal: 147 - CEP: 89203-210 Joinville – SC
Phone: +55 (47) 3441 5000

Joinville, in the north of Santa Catarina, is the city where Tigre is headquartered and where its Administrative Center and one of the largest Operation Centers of the Group are located. In 1958, in a pioneering and innovating manner, Tigre started in Joinville the manufacturing of the first PVC pipes. In 1979, the company inaugurated its Fittings plant. Soon after professionalizing its management, in 1995, it started the process of modernizing its units and took its administrative to Joinville again.

Camaçari (BA)
Camaçari (BA)

Rua dos Pigmentos, nº 285, Área Industrial Leste, Complexo Petroquímico, CEP 42.810-000
Phone: +55 (71) 2108 6400

The Tigre Unit in Camaçari, in Bahia, inaugurated in 1982, mainly supplies the market of the Northeast of Brazil and confirms the concern of the company to attend to all the regions of the country. The plant commemorated its anniversary on April 27 and is responsible for manufacturing PVC pipes and distributing Tigre products in the Northeastern region of the country. The Unit is located in the Petrochemical area of Camaçari.

Escada (PE)
Escada (PE)

Rodovia BR 101, Sul - Km 130 s/n, Distrito Industrial , CEP 55.500-000
Phone: +55 (81) 3534-8400

La más nueva fábrica de Tigre, en Escada, región metropolitana de Recife (PE), ubicada bien cerca al Complejo Industrial Portuario de Suape. La planta tiene tres mil metros cuadrados y cuenta con nueve líneas de extrusión, dedicado en la producción de soluciones para la infraestructura, saneamiento, irrigación y línea domiciliaria.
La unidad entró en operación en 2009, la expectativa de la empresa es la de generar cerca de 200 empleos directos e indirectos, para una producción mensual de 1.500 toneladas.

Rio Claro (SP)
Rio Claro (SP)

Avenida Brasil, nº 4233, Distrito Industrial, CEP 13.505-600
Phone: +55 (19) 2112 9600

The largest manufacturing plant of transforming plastic (PVC) in the world, the Tigre Unit at Rio Claro (SP) accounts for 14% of the total of taxes collected in the municipality. On September 9 the company commemorated the anniversary of the unit, which has the capacity installed to transform 140 thousand tins of PVC/year.
Modern and efficient, the buildings of the unit cover an area of 60 thousand square meters, on a plot of land measuring 230 thousand square meters. There are 940 direct jobs, thousands of indirect jobs (vendors, logistics and contractors) and it generates a lot of taxes for the town and state.

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